Last Man Standing

-The Dominator-

You have suffered a blow to the noggin'
You forgot some things...

    where was i born?

    what is my name?

    how did I get here?

    what is my purpose?

You find youself in what appears to be a barn.

Hazily you recall your name.

You remember now. You are a prisoner. A gladiator.

You fight in a pit for the entertainment of the public. You won your last fight, you drank yourself stupid on piss-like wine. The whispered name 'Dominator' drifts through this place like a chill. Open trade amongst the captives occurs unimpeded as you walk through the myriad of bloody stalls and tents.

You have gold.

⇦ Choose a Character ⇨




You have gold.


"I aint buyin that garbage" - weaponsmith. Are you sure you want to discard this item?

click on owned gear to discard

Welcome to the Arena

The sand is dry and hot. A giant ant stands waiting.



You stand ready..

you hit

Roll your damage

You Rolled 20!


Roll for double damage









The enemy attacks




Trader -
"I'll give you x gold gold."

You have killed enemies

You Died

You have been killed

Kill Count =