The Slanted Room


I am a self taught web developer coming from a career as a sound engineer. I enjoy writing and composing music for games and media. I enjoy creating responsive interactive apps and making both physical and digital games. I am currently focusing on Harvards CS50 for computer science, building websites and doing whatever I can to learn software development

Web Development

As of now I am focusing on playing with JavaScript, React.js, HTML and CSS, C, Python, Flask, GIT, Sqlite3 and Postgres. I am enrolled in Harvard's CS50x 2021, as well as self educating in these technologies on SkillShare and Youtube. Recently I have started a third new App called Stock Picker
See some of my work below.

Sound Engineering

I have over 15 years experience mixing FOH and Monitors for concerts, comedians, musical theater, touring bands and music festivals with crowds up to 15,000 people. I have been producing, writing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering in studio as well.
Remote mixing services available for live streamed concerts.



I have been producing music for media in various genres, with focus on instrumental, orchestral, cinematic, hip-hop, and fanstasy video game music.

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