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I am a self taught web developer coming from a long and successful career as a sound engineer. I love writing and composing music for games and media. I enjoy creating responsive interactive apps and making both physical and digital games. I am currently focusing on developing a game, building websites and doing whatever I can to be the best developer I can be.

Web Development

As of now I am focusing on playing with JavaScript, React.js, HTML and CSS, C, Git and Python/Django. I am enrolled in Harvard's CS50x 2021, as well as self educating in these langauges on SkillShare. I began the process of applying these skills as I learn them by building a my first web app - (Last Man Standing). The future of this project is uncertain. I will likely port it into react and it may be packaged (via Electron) for distribution on the Playstore/App Store and Steam. Recently I dscovered particle systems and fractals, started a new App called Idle Billionaire (where I carry forward lessons I learned from LMS, to write cleaner and extensible code.)
See some of my work below.

LMS Last Man Standing

An Interactive Game - Vanilla JavaScript
Coding highlights:
- a market and inventory system
- combat logic and enemies systems
- music and SFX triggers

LMS Github Repo
idleBillionaire Idle Billionaire

Idle Game built in React.
Coding highlights:
Auto save progress on quit and load when coming back.
Extensible code design allows quick expansion of card assets.
Will be ported to the App store one day.

MMD Github Repo

E-commerce Store Template
Coding highlights:
coded extensible FAQ drop down element
Recreated to resemble a shopify theme
Front end responsive design

MMD Github Repo
Robobuds RoboBuds

A React.js App
Coding highlights:
Search Bar
Fetches JSON from a REST API (
Scrolling Wrapper component for card list.

Github Repo
LMS Holiday Greeting Card

JavaScript Interactive Holiday Card
Coding highlights:
Open gifts
Dual Langauge
Basic animations

Github Repo

Sound Engineering

I have over 15 years experience mixing FOH and Monitors for concerts, comedians, musical theater, touring bands and music festivals with crowds up to 15,000 people. I have been producing, writing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering in studio as well.
Remote mixing services available for live streamed concerts.



I have been producing music for media in various genres, with focus on instrumental, orchestral, cinematic, hip-hop, and fanstasy video game music.

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