I am a sound engineer and composer who enjoys photography and has discovered a new passion for web development. I enjoy creating music and making games. I am currently focusing on developing my skills in these areas through continued education. With the concert / entertainment industry on a temporary hiatus, I believe now is the time to finally enter the world of web development.

Web Development

I am currently advancing my web development skills in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I will soon begin Git, Node.js and React, later Java and possibly C# or C++. On Nov 10, 2020, I began studying web development and I am in the process of applying my new-found knowledge by building a web app (Last Man Standing) and this will be packaged (via Electron or Phonegap) for distribution on the Playstore/App Store and Steam. Having had zero knowlegde of coding, I am proud of my rapid pace of grasping coding concepts as I have created this in such a short time, and will continue to improve it.

LMS Github Repo

Sound Engineer

I have over 15 years experience producing, writing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering in studio as well as mixing touring bands at concerts and festivals with crowds up to 15,000 people.


Music Producer

I have been producing music for media in various genres, with focus on instrumental, orchestral, cinematic, hip-hop, and fanstasy video game music.